How to Keep My Lawn Mower for Many Years?

Finallyyou got it – the lawn mower of your dream. It may be huge machinelike garden tractor or a small electric lawn mower. In any case youneed to keep it for ages as getting the new one immediately is notincluded in your financial plans, is it? Before you waste your timeand money for buying a new lawn mower instead of a broken one, readthis 10-step guide that will help you to care about the lawn mower,to change lawn mower parts in time and to keep your device neat,powerful and beautiful.

Step1. Make sure that the lawn you have is powerful enough for thesurface of your garden.

Infact there are various situations when the lawn mower is broken tothe wrong lawnmower maintenance.You should be sure that the size of your garden and the landscapethere is suitable for the lawn mower you have. Never dream that yourlawn mower will serve you for ages if you use a small electric devicefor a huge garden with stones and parts of wood. Find that very moweryou need in your situation and care about it.

Step2. Clean the lawn mower after every usage.

Youhave cut the grass on the lawn and got tired of course. But still youneed to clean the lawn mower. Use hose to spray the lawn mower, getrid of grass debris and clean every belt and screw. If you will keepthe lawn mower clean, its parts will serve you better and besides youwill keep your garden from deceases that can be caused by old piecesof grass. It is an important part of lawnmower maintenance.

Step3. Make the blades sharp regularly.

Loanmower of any kind – electric, gasoline, self propelled or automatic– has blades of course as they cut the grass in your garden. Everymonth you have to care about the blades, to sharp them and to cleanfor rightlawn mower maintenance.The shaper blades you have, the better and faster the grass is cut.Besides sharp glades will help to avoid overload of the lawn mower ingeneral and thus you will keep other parts of your device safe andpowerful.

Step4. Choose the tires of the best quality and care about them.

Wheelsare the most important part of any lawn mower and it means that theymust be in ideal condition. Start lawnmower maintenancefrom its wheels. If the tire blew out, you have to pump it upimmediately. It is good if you check the tires every time beforecutting the grass and doing other kinds of garden of jobs. If thetires are in good condition, they will help the good and quick workof the lawn mower in general. Besides you need to change the tire ifit is too old or worn out. Never save money on this device as goodtires will need less efforts from you (if the mower is pushed by you)and save the fuel (if it is automatic).

Step5. Examine the covers carefully and change it if it is necessary.

Covershelp to keep the lawn mower safe from sun rays and water. If the lawnmower is kept in the open area, it must be covered with a specialfabric that will help to keep all the details clean and serviceable.If the cover is damaged, you have to repair it or even change. Don’tsave money on its part as soon you may change many of other detailsor even get another lawn mower. Lawnmower maintenance willhelp to save money.

Step6. Use the fuel of high quality.

Ofcourse you know what kind of fuel is suitable for your lawn mower.You may feel a temptation to save your money and get the cheaper fuelone day. Stop immediately and never do it as it will cost you muchmore soon.

Step7. Keep the loan mower safe in winter.

Ifthe summer time is over then you need to give a rest to your loanmower for some time. Think a lot about the place you are going tokeep your device. There’s no need to say that it must be closed inthe storage or garage where it is dry and clean. And before puttingyour best assistant in the storage, you have to clean it and dry too.You will be able to start working with a lawn mower next seasonimmediately if you have kept it well and lawnmower maintenance wasgood enough.

Step8. Change oil and fuel filters at the beginning of every new season.

Evenif you were the best mower keeper in the world, you need to careabout the device before every new season. There are regular kinds ofjob like changing oil or replacing fuel filters. Then examine themower in general and look at every detail it has like belts, covers,pulleys, tires etc. If they seem suspicious to you and you feel theymust be changed, so consult a specialist and change them ifnecessary.

Step9. Use parts of high quality.

Thereare a lot of situations when even new kinds of lawn mowers must berepaired because of defective parts that were used while repairing.Remember that the miser pays twice and get the lawn mower parts ofthe highest quality. Thus you will be sure that your mower will workfor a long time, will do its best for you and you won’t look for anearest workshop in panic if it was suddenly broken one day.

Step10. Consult specialist every time you are confused.

Ifyou are not a professional mechanic or an engineer, it is normal thatsome kinds of job are not for you. You can’t change the oil or youcan’t change the tire or the engine was broken and you feelfrustrated. In this case the phone number of the specialist must bewritten in your cell-phone or you can consult a master online. Thepeople who know everything about lawn mowers will help you to keep insafe for years and get the reasonable price for it. It is much lessprice then getting a new lawn mower.

Rememberthese simple steps to care about your lawn mower and for proper lawnmower maintenanceand make your house and garden as neat and elegant as it is in thepicture.

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